Weird News Today: February 8th

Men Arrested in African Penis Theft Scandal

The city of Kinshasa in Congo where fear of Penis thefts have led to lynch mobs hunting down sorcerers.

Police in the Democratic Republic of Congo have arrested 19 men accused of using witchcraft to steal men’s penises.

Surprisingly this is not an unusual thing to happen in central and West Africa.

Curse tablets discovered in Greek well

Curse tablets have been discovered at the bottom of a well located in Kerameikos, Athens.


If you were trying to send a message to the gods of the Underworld throwing them down a well seems a fairly logical place to start.

Satanic Tree Causes Concern

Photo source: The Bucks Herald

Mr Peter Finch noticed that a recently cut tree stump bore an uncanny resemblance to the fallen angel himself.

“Hopefully we won’t get visits from worshippers of Beelzebub coming to pay their respects, it might become a focal point!”

We suspect Pete won’t have too much to worry about!–tree-stump-1392513

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