A week in weird

By Richard Workman

It’s the end of November and so another seven days on planet Earth comes to an end and the universe continues to perplex and puzzle us humans.

As usual we’ve been busy posting many news stories of interest to our various social media but with so many stories it’s sometimes difficult to keep track of all the weirdness. so here’s a selection of some of our favourite stories this week.

1. The Devils Corkscrews

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

The discovery of some bizarrely shaped fossilised structures in Nabraska, USA, led to an eighty year academic debate as to what exactly they are and how they were formed.


2. Aliens smell like farts

Photo source: Adobe Stock

We often speculate on what alien like might look like but we’ve rarely discussed what they may smell like. Well according to recent analysis of the Martian atmosphere it appears that alien life may well smell a bit like a public bus on a hot summers day, farts to be precise.


3. Horror story graveyard plot beneath school

A grim discovery in a Florida that sounds like it could be the plot of a poltergeist horror movie was reported this week.

Photo: Adobe Stock

A high school in Florida received an unwanted surprise when they discovered part of the school was built on a graveyard. While this information is practically of no direct consequence, it still sounds like the beginning of a terrifying horror movie.


4. “Satanic” animal slaughter

Photo Source: The Telegraph

The discovery of various dead animals in the New Forest, England, was disturbing enough before it was announced that many of the unfortunate creatures were clumsily marked with supposedly “satanic” symbols.


5. Mystery gimp terrorises English Village

Photo source: Somerset Live

Staying in the South of England and this story continues to perplex. A mystery person dressed in a gimp costume has been terrorising the villagers of Claverham, Somerset.

While the gimp costume jester hasn’t physically harmed anyone, he evades capture and local police would like a quiet word with him.


6. “Hogzilla” attacks downtown Hong Kong

Photo source: news.com.au

Finally, as if the people of Hong Kong didn’t have enough to worry about at the moment, a giant wild hog nicknamed “hogzilla” has been filmed raiding bins in the downtown district.


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