Is there a second Bigfoot in the Patterson Film?

By Richard Workman

The Patterson film of a big foot has been subjected to years of analysis and held up as either ultimate proof of the existence of Bigfoot or just about the most convincing hoax ever created.

Actually called the Patterson-Gimlin film (Bob Gimlin is often left out of the title) it depicts the two men’s encounter with a Sasquatch in Northern California.

Despite near forensic analysis of the footage since 1967, a question has remained unanswered, was there a second bigfoot in the film?

According to a post on the footage contains evidence that there are two sasquatches in the movie. The post contains a link to the youtube channel, Sasquatch Central II

The film shows “Patty” taking what has to be one of the most famous short walks in cryptozoological history. What’s different of this evaluation  is that it appears to show a second Sasquatch in the woods in the background.

Given that our we have used a still from the Patterson film as part of our header photos and logo, it would be remiss of us to not report this. Whatever your position is regarding the validity of the film, Sasquatch Central provides a highly detailed analysis.

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